Frequently Asked Questions
I’ve never practiced yoga before. Is it safe to start during pregnancy?
YES! No better time than the present to learn how to be present! Presence and breath awareness are some of the greatest skills that can be learned through yoga, and both of these are essential skills to have during labour and birth. All of our classes will offer modifications and alternatives for each individual to ensure that the practice is safe and accessible for your body.
Can my husband come to prenatal classes with me?
We love dads! Without them, we wouldn’t have babies! But it’s important for moms to have space to open up about the changes they’re going through physically and emotionally, and some of this stuff is super personal. Having other men around can make it a little uncomfortable for some women, so only ladies can come to our prenatal classes.

When does your next session begin?
Great news, all of our classes run on an ongoing basis, so you’re free to join at any time! The only classes that need pre-registration are special workshops.

When can I come back to my practice post-baby?
Usually around the 6 week mark, your healthcare practitioner will give you the green light to begin regular activities. C-Section recoveries may require more time. Make sure to ask your doc if you aren’t sure.

What if my baby cries during mom and baby class?
You won’t be alone! All babies cry at some point, and our classes are flexible and free-flowing. If you need to feed, you are welcome to feed. If you have to deal with a diaper, be our guest! Our teachers will work with the overall mood of the room to ensure everyone has the best practice possible.

I’ve been put on bed rest and can’t continue my prenatal practice.
Are class passes refundable? Class passes are flexible, and never expire! So while they aren’t refundable, it means you can use your unused prenatal classes towards other classes that we offer.

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