De La Sol Yoga
Katie McClelland
Come to De La Sol to find your way back home to yourself, to your heart, to health and wellness and connectivity. Come to De La Sol to finally exhale, to feel included, to celebrate your unique, bright, quirky self. Come to move and to breathe, to sweat and surrender, to find solace and peace in the midst of your busy life.

Come to reignite passion for your life and to peel away the layers of guardedness and tension that you have built up in your body, mind and heart, so that you can relax into your life with clarity and calm. Come for the breakthroughs and breakdowns, for solitude and community, come to be reminded again and again of your inherent beauty and wholeness.
After years of struggling with depression and addiction, yoga has been Katie’s salvation. Katie had a 13-year addiction to crystal meth but was teaching yoga for part of it. She lived a paradoxical lifestyle, but admits that yoga had won.
In 2007, De La Sol Yoga was born. Her mom co-owned a yoga studio in Burlington where Katie started teaching and developed a strong student base. She was thirty and had five years of sobriety in her pocket. Her mom convinced her to stay and start her own studio instead of moving to San Diego like she wanted. “Funny thing is instead of feeling restrained, I’ve actually never felt freer. Now I think it’s amusing when people define themselves as free-spirited because I feel like if they just plant root somewhere they might actually be happier.”

De La Sol is simply one of the best studios in the area! The vibe, the people, the teachers, you can't go wrong! I really appreciate what Katie has done for the city, just simply by opening up this space! Thank you infinitely
What a great place for a 'newbie' like myself. All my insecurities and fears quickly fell away as I was greeted warmly upon my arrival. I thoroughly enjoy the wide variety of classes that are offered for beginners. I think I'm hooked! 🙂
Joanna Bis
Erica Glover
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We welcome students of all levels and physical abilities and are pleased to offer the best instruction in Hot and Vinyasa Yoga.
We offer the highest level yoga instruction in both hot and regular temperature settings, and from absolute beginner to advanced in a multitude of styles

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